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Name: Dmitrii <freehck> Kashin
Live in: Russia, Zhukovsky

I sometimes appear in IRC-network as freehck, but not often. You can find me in social networks, but it's very undesirable to contact me there. If it's possible I would like to decrease amount of correspondence there to minimum.


As return address on letter isn't evidence that letter's specifically come from sender as in real life, as in context of e-mail; I use program GNU Privacy Guard which is a public key cryptosystem, and it supposes availability of my public key.

My public key.

My interests and career

I'm an employee of FGUE "TsAGI", I investigate numerical methods of modelling of gas flows with combustion. I lecture on mathematics in evening school at my university. I am a hard supporter of free sowtware activity. I use OS GNU/Linux Debian on my computers. A lot of articles concern my lovely text editor GNU Emacs.

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