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Hello. My name's Dmitrii Kashin, and you are on my personal website. I've created it to publish my articles and notes. And of course because I wanted it for a long time.

Site is permanently in a development state. If you find broken links, please write me. It's normal to disturb me with questions about articles and suggestions how to improve them.

Apart from articles I'm planning to host here a git-repository of mine, mailing lists daemon and news feed. But I'm afraid I can put it off for a very long while. So any people interested in these things can (and must) slap my sometimes. Don't be shy. =)

Please pay attention that articles on this site are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA license. This means that you can feel free to modify them and distribute non commercially and with appropriate credit.

And one more thing. As I'm Russian you should understand that all the articles are mostly written in Russian language and then translated into English. Sometimes I won't have time to translate a whole article. And I thank you for your patience. Sometimes I'll have problems with the language. And I'll be full of joy if you help me to correct mistakes.

Glad to see you here, dear guest! =)

Last change: 20 Январь 2014